Sveriges Akademiska Idrottsförbund

Box 2052

750 02 Uppsala


+ 46 10 - 476 54 90

1. Pier Bridge

An outdoor swimming arena for training. Located nearby the race start.


2. Elevator Dock

Starting point for the Ironman event Kalmar, Sweden. Also a possible starting point for the World University Triathlon Championship.


3. Transition Area

Transition area during Ironman Kalmar Sweden and an alternative during the World University Triathlon Championship.


4. Water Park

Water Park with full gym equipment, indoor swimming, cycling and running. Free of charge.


5. Svanen Hotell & Vandrarhem

Athletes and officials


6. Calmar Stadshotell

Athletes and officials


7. Best Western Kalmarsunds Hotell

FISU officials, referees and judges


8. Central station in Kalmar


9. Kalmar Castle

The opening and closing eremony will be held here



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