Kalmar has some 65,000 inhabitants and a reputable university.


Linnaeus University is one of Sweden’s newest higher education institutions and was formed when the University of Kalmar and Växjö University merged in 2010. Linnaeus University is located in Kalmar and Växjö. Since 2008, Linnaeus University has been working to gather its facilities in Kalmar in a city integrated way, close to both communications and the sea. Both the university and the surrounding society will become stronger through the natural meeting places that are created in connection to the university. The first stage of the new facilities are estimated to be completed in the new year 2017/2018.

The Accreditation system is still open until last of May

The general entry is still open. Concerning the Mixed Team Relay (2 women + 2 men), we allow teams made by spare athletes of different countries to compete together without any access to the ranking. Also, all athletes are allowed to complete the race which means that lapped athletes are not disqualified from the race.


- Quantitative Entry as well as 25% payment: May 31st, 2018


-Individual Entry: August 1st, 2018


The 2018 Fisu World University Triathlon Championship will be held in the heart of Kalmar.


The race will be stretching throughout the historical town of Kalmar, offering plenty of challenges for the athletes and a great way for the spectators to have a closer encounter experience to triathlon.


Kalmar is a beautiful coastal city surrounded by water and situated in the south east of Sweden. The city was voted as the Summer City of the Year in Sweden 2015, 2016 and 2017, by the readers of the Swedish travel site Reseguiden.se.


Kalmar offers both the opportunities of a large city at the same time as the proximity and charm of a smaller town. Today, Kalmar is a modern city offering a wide variety of experiences, but wherever you go, you will certainly feel the echoes of history.


30 th of August 2018 - Arrival day 1


31 st of August 2018 - Arrival day 2, General Technical Meeting, Opening Ceremony


1st of September 2018 - WUC Men and Women individual sprint race, Medal Ceremony


2nd of September 2018 - WUC Men and Women mixed team super sprint, Medal Cermony, Closing Ceremony


3nd of September 2018 – Departure day

Countries that are ready!

We are very glad to welcome the following registered country´ to FISU World University Championship 2018



- Hungary

- Bulgaria

- South Africa

- Sweden

- Slovenia

- Poland

- Germany

- Australia

- Bellarus

- Finland

- France

- Italy

- Japan

- Switzerland

- Czech Republic

- Iran

- Argentina

- Belgium

- Bermuda

- Estonia

- Canada

- Portugal

- Serbia

- United Kingdom

- Uganda

- Austria

- Nepal

- Kazakhstan


The schedule of 2018 Fisu World University Triathlon Championship


29 th of August - Arrival day FISU officials



30 th of August - Arrival day 1 for athletes

10.00-18.00 Accredtitation

19.00 CISCA meeting

20.00 CTI meeting



31 st of August - Arrival day 2 for athletes

08.00-20.00 Accreditation

15.00 Course inspection (bike/swim)

17.00 Opening Ceremon

19.00 General Technical Meeting



1st of September

10.00 Start women individual sprint

13.00 Start men individual sprint

15.00 Medal Ceremony

17.00 Cultural Program

19.00-19.30 Mixed Relay briefing for coaches



2nd of September

10.00 Start Men and Women mixed team super sprint

14.00 Medal ceremony and closing ceremony

18.00 Dinner and closing party



3nd of September

Departure day

29 countries have

already signed up

2018 FISU World University Triathlon Championship

31 August - 2 September

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