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We have results for the Team Relay (Uppdated 12.10 AM)


1. Team France

- Jeanne Lehair, Nathan Grayel, Mathilde Gautier, Nathan Guerbeur


2. Team United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

- Leah Peploe, Christopher Perham, Bronwen Owen, Jack Willis


3.Team Germany

- Michelle Braun, Jan Stratmann, Lina Völker, Lars Pfeifer


Todays team relay starts 10.15 (uppdated 7.50 AM)


Ladies and Gentlemen, We have results for the womens and mens race!


1: Jeanne Lehair - France

2:Avery Evenson - U.S.A

3:Nina Aim - Germany


1.Lars Pfeifer - Germany

2. Gabriel Allgayer - Germany

3. Nathan Guerbeur - France


We have officially 129 athletes from 31 countries!


Opening ceremony starts from 16.30 at Stortorget with march (wear national dress)


CISCA meeting successfully completed!


FISU Officials has arrived at the hotel.


See our daily bulletins further down on this site.


Wetsuit will be allowed to use during World University Championship, Kalmar 2018.


Find further information on the team relay super sprint under regulations


The starting list can now be found on our website


Athletes guide is now uploaded on our website


Rules for lapped athlete and first runner/last biker is not applied


Welcome to Kalmar! Please, keep in mind to check our Facebook page for latest social media updates

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2018 FISU World University Triathlon Championship

31 August - 2 September

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